In these video tutorials we introduce the myHouse 3D home design software and show how to create your home design and demonstrations step-by-step.

1-Drawing walls in myHouse
Size:30,3 MB, Duration:6:36

2-How easy to design with myHouse
Size:16.7 MB, Duration:7:51

3-How easy to draw with myHouse
Size:46.7 MB, Duration:21:09

4-House size=48'*36'
Size:15.4 MB, Duration:4:14

5-How to select the language of myHouse
Size:2.5 MB, Duration:1:35

6-Inch moving
Size:1.148 MB, Duration:0:50

7-3D view
Size:12.3MB, Duration:2:45

8-Check 3D mode: OpenGL, DirectX
Size:4.2 MB, Duration:1:37

9-How to design STAIRS
Size:5.1 MB, Duration:2:48

Size:18.5 MB, Duration:9:42

Size:10.1 MB, Duration:5:03

Size:11.8 MB, Duration:8:33

13-How To Design A Roof on myHouse or ARCAD
Size:11.8 MB, Duration:2:19

14-How to design a roof on myHouse or ARCAD --- 2. part
Size:11.8 MB, Duration:4:52